I’ve spent 30 years focused on agile approaches to business transformation, and the relationship between technology and business innovation in today’s rapidly-evolving digital economy.

I now teach and research in digital transformation topics, and consult with startups and established organizations in the public and private sector to help them figure out what’s going on, ask better questions, and learn quickly from their experiences.

Digital Economy Dispatches

Alan is a world-class academic in both teaching and mentoring. However, he is truly unique and exceptional by connecting his academic work with real-world examples from his work in industry.

-Ronald A. Crawford, Entrepreneur and Investor

Working with Alan has been one of my professional highlights in the last few years. He brings a great blend of expertise, creativity, passion, collaboration and humour to his work.

– Elvin Turner Author of “Be Less Zombie”

Latest News

AI for Business

The Sunday Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on AI for Business delivered in the Sunday Times. Is artificial intelligence really

Facial recognition cameras arrive in UK school canteens

As AI technologies become more pervasive, we facing some really tough questions about how we want the future to unfold. Here’s a great example of what seems like

A real-time revolution will up-end the practice of macroeconomics

One consequence of the massive increase in the variety and volume of data now available is that economists are using it to build models of the economy to

Cloud-migration opportunity: Business value grows, but missteps abound

An interesting review of the state of IT migration to the cloud based on a survey of 450 CIOs. https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/technology-media-and-telecommunications/our-insights/cloud-migration-opportunity-business-value-grows-but-missteps-abound A McKinsey survey of nearly 450 chief information

The Great Resignation Is Accelerating

Perhaps one of the most unexpected impacts of the pandemic….the Great Resignation…..keeps on growing…. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/10/great-resignation-accelerating In April, the number of workers who quit their job in a single

These are the top 10 tech trends that will shape the coming decade, according to McKinsey

Interesting top 10 choice. Do you agree? https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/10/technology-trends-2021-mckinsey We’ll experience more technological progress in the coming decade than we did in the preceding 100 years put together, says

Three Steps to Building a Learning Culture That Delivers Innovation

A great reminder that skills improvement is important but is only half the battle. Ensuring that your organization continues t grow and learn is the other half. https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/three-steps-to-building-a-learning-culture-that-delivers-innovation

AWS Institute Transformation Essentials: Start small to build big

A very helpful short summary from Mike Beaven describing the philosophy behind UK Government Digital Service (GDS) approach to digital transformation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAhjKrf5T4s

TCS 2021 Global Leadership Study

In many Large Established Organizations (LEOs) a critical tension they face is the need simultaneously to “run the business” and “change the business”. This aspect of strategy was

Collaboration Overload Is Sinking Productivity

This article addresses one of my (many) failings…not learning to say “no”. The conclusions of this article are both startling and obvious – organizations need to help to

What You Need to Know About IBM’s $19 Billion Spinoff

In case you missed this, IBM recently spun out a major piece of its managed infrastructure business as “Kyndryl”. This is about 90,000 people and revenue of $19B

The World Economic Forum has created a Digital Business Model Assessment tool

The World Economic Forum has created a Digital Business Model Assessment tool to guide executives to adopt a fit-for-purpose digital business model. https://widgets.weforum.org/digital-readiness-assessment/ Here is the introduction: Why

A “Digital Transformation Supplement” in The Times

Interesting to read an extensive supplement distributed with The Times newspaper on “Digital Transformation”. Quite a wide collection of articles on a variety of topics related to the

The 4 Tiers of Digital Transformation

Here is a very effective short discussion about how data-driven approaches change business models. Some very useful examples and illustrations are provided and used to form a simple

10 Things Your Corporate Culture Needs to Get Right

Well, this is quite a list. In these challenging times, it is interesting to get a view of what matters to employees and gain a sense of where