I’ve spent 30 years focused on agile approaches to business transformation, and the relationship between technology and business innovation in today’s rapidly-evolving digital economy.

I now teach and research in digital transformation topics, and consult with startups and established organizations in the public and private sector to help them figure out what’s going on, ask better questions, and learn quickly from their experiences.

Digital Economy Dispatches

Alan is a world-class academic in both teaching and mentoring. However, he is truly unique and exceptional by connecting his academic work with real-world examples from his work in industry.

-Ronald A. Crawford, Entrepreneur and Investor

Working with Alan has been one of my professional highlights in the last few years. He brings a great blend of expertise, creativity, passion, collaboration and humour to his work.

– Elvin Turner Author of “Be Less Zombie”

Latest News

Who has access to your health data?

Here is a new “Data Uses Register” from the NHS. It lists who has access to which datasets and why. https://digital.nhs.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/nhs-digital-launches-data-uses-register-to-improve-transparency The new data release register provides an

Latest MIT Sloan article by John Cotter on culture change

Just saw this latest article by John Kotter on dealing with culture change as we come through the pandemic. Is there anything remotely new here? Hasn’t this been

Home or office? Survey shows opinions about work after COVID-19

Another interesting survey and analysis about the future of work after the pandemic. This one is from the World Economic Forum and involved polling of 12,500 people across

Shock treatment: can the pandemic turn the NHS digital?

More on covid and its implications for digital transformation in the public sector. https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2021/07/shock-treatment-can-the-pandemic-turn-the-nhs-digital/ Spoiler alert: No.

5 Key Lessons from HBS’s Pandemic Teaching Transformation

Good solid advice, and very much inline with my own experiences teaching online. https://hbsp.harvard.edu/inspiring-minds/5-key-lessons-from-hbs-pandemic-teaching-transformation

Apple vs Facebook: how the war between the Silicon Valley giants is changing tech

I really enjoyed this article. It clearly lays out some of the biggest digital economy challenges of our time: Control of the internet, exploitation of personal data, how

‘Ventilator challenge’ to equip NHS for Covid lost £143m of public money

This is one of the reasons that you have to be very, very careful with “open innovation” approaches and mass hackathons. The opportunities for waste and inefficiency is

The UK’s Most Valuable Unicorns

Who knew?

World’s first 3D-printed steel bridge opens in Amsterdam

One of the key digital revolutions in the past decade is 3D printing. It’s starting to have more and more of an impact to the extent that major


Another interesting example of the component-based platforms approach to building new solutions using a pre-built digital technology stack. https://www.railsbank.com/ Prototype, build and scale any financial use-case using our

In business schools, are we teaching management or entrepreneurial skills?

This is a fascinating discussion by Steve Blank about the way he shifted his thinking about teaching entrepreneurial skills at business schools and the use of experiential approaches.

Your AI pair programmer

Interesting development to apply AI to software code development with Github’s Copilot and the new features in VisualStudio’s IntelliSense. https://copilot.github.com/ https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/editor/intellisense Use machine learning to improve developer productivity.

Why Pivoting People Is a Strategic Priority

No startling insights here, but a good summary of the opportunities and challenges for people in the workforce as we transition in post-pandemic to a digital economy. https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/why-pivoting-people-is-a-strategic-priority

Pentagon cancels $10bn ‘Jedi’ contract

Digital technologies move forward quickly….often much more quickly than governments can manage the contracting for those technologies. Add to that the political dimensions of very large high-profile infrastructure

The Great Resignation

I know from personal experience that many people have taken the last few months as time to reflect on their lives, jobs, and what they want to do