4 Lessons from Levi’s’ Digital Transformation

Perhaps no earth-shattering insights here, but it is useful to be reminded that digital transformation in large established organizations (LEOs) requires a focus on the fundamentals: Getting on with it, using data to drive decisions, and building a tech savvy workforce (including the leadership team!).


Digital transformation can be tough for legacy businesses. Take Levi Strauss & Co.: The challenges at this iconic retail and apparel company are different given the company’s more than 168 years of deeply rooted habits and traditions. But when the pandemic hit, the company was forced to change, and learned for important lessons in the process: 1) Test, learn, fail fast, and move on. Repeat. 2) Focus on leapfrogging over the competition, not catching them. 3) Everyone should be data-driven. 4) Pushback is normal, and an opportunity to have open conversations.