A bit more on ARIA….but not much

We are starting to get a bit more detail on where the UK Government intends to spend the planned £800M it promised for the emerging Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA).


There is little detail on where it will spend its money other than in conducting scientific research, developing and exploiting scientific knowledge, or collecting, sharing, and publishing advance scientific knowledge.

It will be governed by a board of 9 people including the UK Chief Scientific Officer.

Perhaps of most interest is that it is clear ARIA is looking for ambitious projects:

A tolerance to failure in pursuit of transformational breakthroughs embedded in its culture. Only a small fraction of ambitious goals will be achieved, however ARIA will provide value from its failures, including spill-over benefits gained from intermediary outputs. For example, a particular goal may not prove technologically viable but in pursuing it, scientists may happen across another promising technology