After the Pandemic, a Revolution in Education and Work Awaits

Most of this opinion article in the NY Times is standard stuff….with a strong flavour of the usual Thomas Friedman philosophy of “the future’s so bright we’ll all need to wear shades” that we’ve all enjoyed (endured?) in “The world is flat”.

However, there are some interesting observations based on conversations with Ifosys’s President, Ravi Kumar, about his vision for the future of education. This is something I also strongly support as a very important part of the future of education, work, and society:

Today, companies like Infosys, IBM or AT&T are all creating cutting-edge in-house universities — Infosys is building a 100-acre campus in Indianapolis designed to provide their employees and customers not “just-in-case learning’’ — material you might or might not need to master the job at hand — but “just-in-time learning,’’ offering the precise skills needed for the latest task, explained Kumar.

In the future, lifelong learning will be done by what I call “complex adaptive coalitions.’’ An Infosys, Microsoft or IBM will partner with different universities and even high schools, argues Kumar. The universities’ students will be able to take just-in-time learning courses — or do internships — at the corporations’ in-house universities, and company employees will be able to take just-in-case humanities courses at the outside universities. Both will be able to “learn, earn and work,’’ all at the same time. It’s already beginning.

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