Data-Driven Change Management: Measuring Agile Transformation Using Passive Data

As teams work together online and remotely to deliver value, measuring their interaction across collaboration teams becomes more intersting. Here is an analytical approach looking at team agility

Simple Governance for Data Ecosystems

A good overview by BCG of the opportunities and barriers to sharing data across companies as part of a data ecosystem. The “six rules of smart simplicity for

Tomorrow’s Education

Here is another really interesting example of online education that does a number of things that I believe will be very important as we go forward: 1. It

China Creates its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy

Listen Closely. Can you hear the sound of digital transformation?

Trust in Tech is at an All Time Low

Fascinating to read that people’s trust in technology and tech companies is at an all time low. This is based on the Edelman Trust Barometer, an online trust

Reimagining Executive Education: What Program Delivery Should Look Like Post-Pandemic

Nothing too surprising here, but I like this article as a good summary of the current status in exec ed (especially as viewed from the perspective of business

Error 404 – Trust Not Found: A European Survey on Digital (Dis)trust

Who do Europeans trust with their digital data? Apparently, not their governments…and definitely not the big corporations in the USA. An exclusive survey on behalf of the

NHS Providers: Building a digital strategy

Here is a very interesting and comprehensive example of “building a digital strategy” that was published earlier this month by NHS Providers with support from This

Tech disruption is soooo last year

Forget "software is eating the world". That was 10 years ago. We’ve moved on. The interesting questions are elsewhere. From the wonderful Ben Evans. This. I mentioned

It’s a Stack

An app from Google’s Area120 initiative that takes all your personal documents and converts them into digital information to be stored and managed by Google. What could possibly

FutureLearn’s The Future of Learning Report shows global trends in education

A very useful study on the changing patterns of online learning over the last year. In 2020, Institute of Coding (IoC) partner FutureLearn commissioned YouGov to undertake

The Future of Work After Covid-19 — McKinsey Review

Here is a very detailed review and analysis of the future of work after covid. Many interesting areas discussed here such as the impact that maintaining distance and

Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index: Annual Report

An excellent review of the changes in working habits over the past year from Microsoft. There have been many such surveys and reports recently, but this seems to

‘The future of housing’: California desert to get America’s first 3D-printed neighborhood

Taking 3D printing to a whole new level! Through a partnership between two California companies – Palari, a sustainable real estate development group, and Mighty Buildings, a

Digital acceleration in the time of covid

A very useful collection of articled from Deloitte with a set of case studies on digital change over the past year. Most notably, a good discussion based on

New business models, not new banks, are the real competition

An excellent summary from our friend Dave Birch on why traditional banks are not worried about “challenger banks” but about new fintech-based business models. If the challenger

Cloud Adoption Patterns

Excellent insights into scalable cloud architectures from Kyle Brown and others. Kyle was always one of the brightest stars at IBM.

Mark Carney’s new book, Value(s), is out this week

I already have this on pre-order from Amazon….should arrive on Thursday. This short extract is worth a read.

Who knew high-tech farming of high-priced Japanese strawberries could be worth $50 million to investors?

Yikes! I think I need to start on a digital transformation at my allotment….

An Emerging Landscape of Skills for All

A nice article from Linda Gratton on the skills that are needed in businesses as we go forward. Today’s skills challenges require that companies shift corporate initiatives

A bit more on ARIA….but not much

We are starting to get a bit more detail on where the UK Government intends to spend the planned £800M it promised for the emerging Advanced Research and

Open Source Tools Powering Health Data Science

This is a nice discussion on the methods for gathering science data and making it available online…somewhat along the lines of DIHAH. This won a design award for

Coursera files for IPO amid online learning boom

Taking advantage of the online education boom, Coursera files its S-1 as the first step to IPO. As a result, you can find out some very interesting data

Fjord Trends for 2021

Here is a different way to look at the implication of the past 12 months of a pandemic crisis on the future of business.

HSBC plans to nearly halve office space. Goldman Sachs boss thinks its an aberration.

Another sign of the times. Clearly, the future of the workplace will be a big topic for 2021 and beyond. With massive consequences. HSBC aims to cut

Yuval Noah Harari: Lessons from a year of Covid

An important piece from Yuval Noah Harari discussing the implications of Covid. Much of his analysis concerns the impact of digital innovation and the transformation that has occurred

Stanford study into “Zoom Fatigue” explains why video chats are so tiring

You just knew this study was coming….

Toward Digital Fluency

Just reading through this report from Accenture. I think there are some nice ideas here about “Digital Fluency” and what this means, why it is important for everyone,

Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design

We always new that good user interface design is important to ensure that software-based systems are easy to use and effective. But they also play a critical role

Data strategy: how an ecosystem approach can help shape your vision

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has long been the champion of well-defined data strategies to drive business change. This is a pretty useful summary of their thinking on

Disruption in healthcare and life sciences 2020

One of the most active domains in digital transformation is healthcare. Heidrick & Struggles’ third annual survey of senior executives in healthcare and life sciences reveals unrelenting disruption

How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs

Here is a useful discussion from McKinsey talking about the metrics that should drive your digital transformation initiative. The report helps to identify 5 areas where focus on

Agile in 68 words

Remember that 20 years ago this week the basis of Agile software delivert was defined in 68 words. Here’s what they said. Enjoy! We are uncovering better ways

Fixing government digital transformation – lessons from the early days of GDS

A very useful summary of the digital transformation challenges in government from Jerry Fishenden, James Findlay, and James Duncan. The UK government’s new strategic centre for digital,

Andrew Ng – The State of Artificial Intelligence

If you are a business exec, business academic, or business student then this 30 minute video of the wonderful Andrew Ng will tell you all you need to

The Future of the Workplace and Leadership

I was reading these 2 articles from MIT Sloan, and I thought they are quite useful summaries of several of the issues we face in the soon-to-be post-pandemic

Digital government during the coronavirus crisis

Learning the lessons from the accelerated digital transformation activities of the past 12 months. This report offers a very useful window into what happened in the UK government,

How Microsoft Became an Intelligence Driven Organization

It is helpful to see some of the context for Microsoft’s strategy toward an Intelligence Driven Organization (IDO). They describe 4 key axes in this model based around

Ben Evans and The Great Unbundling

As always, Ben Evan’s excellent yearly review is well worth some time to work through. His discussion of 2020 and its impact looks at 4 areas: Cocid-19 impact

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too

I personally found this article to be a helpful summary of the challenges I face, and has some useful reminders and suggestions for how to deal with the