CDDO publishes playbook for government digital projects

A very interesting report, THE DIGITAL, DATA AND TECHNOLOGY PLAYBOOK, is a description of how to contract and manage digital projects in government. The section on “outcome-based approvals” is certainly worth a read.

The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) has produced guidance for 11 key stages of government digital projects in a new Digital, Data and Technology Playbook.

It said the 98-page publication is aimed at improving efficiency and cutting costs, drawing on expertise from across government and industry to highlight the key points of different stages in the process. These go from pipelines and market management to resolution planning to preserve the continuity of projects.

The 11 stages highlighted by the playbook cover:

· having transparent commercial pipelines and a good understanding of the market;

· considering how to work with suppliers through the lifecycle of projects and programmes;

· getting the governance and approvals processes right;

· engaging early with the market to support the development of solutions to meet user needs;

· finding the right delivery model with the optimal split of roles and responsibilities between public sector bodies and suppliers;

· taking an agile approach to development with testing and learning;

· making the right preparations in going to market;

· designing effective contracts with common data standards;

· developing effective evaluation criteria;

· applying due diligence in the choice of suppliers;

· and planning for the risk to major projects from events including cyber attacks, natural disasters and supplier insolvency.