Digital government during the coronavirus crisis

Learning the lessons from the accelerated digital transformation activities of the past 12 months. This report offers a very useful window into what happened in the UK government, and how we can build on the success achieved. Helpful ideas from the Institute for Government:

The coronavirus pandemic is the most significant crisis that the UK has faced in generations. It has created a surge in demand for services and information. It forced a dramatic reorganisation of how departments operate as officials shifted to working remotely. And it tested the capacity of government to co-ordinate and deliver solutions. Digital technology has helped the government to manage many of these issues and has enabled a more effective response than would have been otherwise possible. The response was not perfect, and high-profile failures such as the attempt to develop a contact tracing app highlight the limitations of government in this space. This report assesses the factors that contributed to the successes and failures of digital government during the crisis.

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