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Past Dispatches

Dispatch #102, 23rd October 2022

The Secrets of Sustainable Software

Dispatch #101, 16th October 2022

The Past, Present, and Future of AI

Dispatch #100, 9th October 2022

Why Digital Transformation Requires Rebuilding Digital Trust

Dispatch #099, 2nd October 2022

The Key Role of Digital Transformation in the Survival of Ukraine

Dispatch #098, 25th September 2022

Has Digital Transformation Failed Us?

Dispatch #097, 19th September 2022

Lowering the Frustration in Your Digital Transformation

Dispatch #096, 11th September 2022

The Dreams and Disappointments of Digital Collaboration

Dispatch #095, 5th September 2022

Reflections on a Long, Hot Summer for the Digital Economy

Dispatch #094, 26th June 2022

The New Rules of Supply Chain Resilience, or In Praise of Waste

Dispatch #093, 19th June 2022

Why is Digital Transformation Taking So Long?

Dispatch #092, 12th June 2022

The Digital Leadership Gap in the UK Government’s Digital Strategy

Dispatch #091, 5th June 2022

The 5 Key Steps in Your Digital Transformation

Dispatch #090, 29th May 2022

Fear of Digital (FOD) and Facing Up to the Dark Side of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #089, 22nd May 2022

The 5 Digital Leadership Paradoxes Holding Back Your Organization

Dispatch #088, 15th May 2022

The 3 Faces of Digital Leadership

Dispatch #087, 8th May 2022

A Reflection on the Current State of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #086, 1st May 2022

A Model Future for Digital Twins

Dispatch #085, 24th April 2022

Why It Matters That My Data Belongs To Me

Dispatch #084, 17th April 2022

How Digital Transformation is Driving Outsourcing’s Unexpected Renaissance

Dispatch #083, 10th April 2022

The 5 Patterns of Digitization in Large Established Organizations (LEOs)

Dispatch #082, 3rd April 2022

Why it’s Time to Acknowledge Your Digital Transformation Debt

Dispatch #081, 27th March 2022

How Not to Innovate

Dispatch #080, 20th March 2022

Three Case Studies in Data-Driven Innovation

Dispatch #079, 13th March 2022

What Lessons are Driving Your Digital Future?

Dispatch #078, 6th March 2022

Ensuring a Colourful Future: Digital strategy in an uncertain world

Dispatch #077, 27th February 2022

Digital Innovation Reconsidered

Dispatch #076, 20th February 2022

Digital Pride and Prejudice Meets the Murky World of NFTs

Dispatch #075, 13th February 2022

A Foundation for a People First Perspective on Your Digital Future

Dispatch #074, 6th February 2022

Digital Delivery and the New Productivity Puzzle

Dispatch #073, 30th January 2022

Where to Focus the Search for Value in Your Digital Transformation

Dispatch #072, 23rd January 2022

The Leadership Dilemma Facing Digital Transformation

Dispatch #071, 16th January 2022

The 5 Great Shifts Driving Digital Transformation

Dispatch #070, 9th January 2022

The Next Step in Jersey’s Digital Transformation

Dispatch #069, 2nd January 2022

Making Time for the Digital Economy News

Dispatch #068, 26th December 2021

Why the Future Depends on a Digital Infrastructure

Dispatch #067, 19th December 2021

Is it Time for a Digital Reset in Your Life?

Dispatch #066, 12th December 2021

The 10 Laws Beneath Your Digital Transformation

Dispatch #065, 5th December 2021

Why You Should Believe in a Digital Revolution

Dispatch #064, 28th November 2021

Is it Time to Take a Pause for Thought in Your Digital Transformation?

Dispatch #063, 21st November 2021

How to Balance Speed and Quality in Software Delivery

Dispatch #062, 14th November 2021

Want Better Digital Transformation Outcomes? Focus on Your Digital Flywheel!

Dispatch #061, 7th November 2021

Why Disciplined Change is Still at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #060, 31st October 2021

Facebook and the Next Stage in the Digital Meta-morphosis

Dispatch #059, 24th October 2021

Riding the Wave to a Real-Time Data Revolution

Dispatch #058, 17th October 2021

The Inconvenient Truth of Digital Sustainability

Dispatch #057, 10th October 2021

Too Big to Fail

Dispatch #056, 3rd October 2021

Digital Economy Dispatches Book is Now Available!

Dispatch #055, 26th September 2021

Is Your Digital Transformation Change Ready?

Dispatch #054, 19th September 2021

Taking Time to Reflect in the Turmoil of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #053, 12th September 2021

The True Role of Agile Project Management in Driving Digital Transformation

Dispatch #052, 5th September 2021

The Long and Winding Road to Digital Transformation

Dispatch #051, 29th August 2021

The Secret to Making Your Digital Transformation a Success – Be Lucky!

Dispatch #050, 22nd August 2021

The Post-Pandemic Challenge for Digital Businesses: Moving from connected to engaged