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Previous Dispatches

Dispatch #053, 12th September 2021

The True Role of Agile Project Management in Driving Digital Transformation

Dispatch #052, 5th September 2021

The Long and Winding Road to Digital Transformation

Dispatch #051, 29th August 2021

The Secret to Making Your Digital Transformation a Success – Be Lucky!

Dispatch #050, 22nd August 2021

The Post-Pandemic Challenge for Digital Businesses: Moving from connected to engaged

Dispatch #049, 15th August 2021

The Difficulty of Understanding the Value of Personal Data

Dispatch #048, 8th August 2021

How to Achieve Business Agility in Large Established Organizations

Dispatch #047, 1st August 2021

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Digital Culture

Dispatch #046, 25th July 2021

Why Adopting a NoCode/LowCode Approach to Your Digital Transformation Might Be a Really Bad Idea

Dispatch #045, 18th July 2021

Would You Like Some AI with That? The pervasive nature of AI and the basis for its intelligence

Dispatch #044, 11th July 2021

Lessons from the Online Digital Experience and the Crisis of User Engagement

Dispatch #043, 4th July 2021

Why AI is Neither Artificial nor Intelligent: Discovering the dragons in Kate Crawford’s “The Atlas of AI”

Dispatch #042, 27th June 2021

Do You Know What’s Under the Digital Hood of Your Company?

Dispatch #041, 20th June 2021

Digital Transformation in Animal Health: Is its Bark Worse Than its Bite?

Dispatch #040, 13th June 2021

The Importance of Creating a Climate of Innovation in Your Organization

Dispatch #039, 6th June 2021

Revitalizing Your Data-Driven Innovation Strategy

Dispatch #038, 30th May 2021

Facing the Hard Truths of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #037, 23rd May 2021

Why Digital Transformations Fail

Dispatch #036, 16th May 2021

Digital Strategy: What matters and where to focus

Dispatch #035, 9th May 2021

Digital Transformation is Going Back to the Future

Dispatch #034, 2nd May 2021

For Large Established Organizations, Can You Survive Day 2?

Dispatch #033, 25th April 2021

The 4 Key Elements of Your Digital DNA

Dispatch #032, 18th April 2021

Why a Focus on Your Software Delivery Maturity is Essential to Digital Transformation

Dispatch #031, 11th April 2021

Who are Your Digital Influencers? Five Key Voices for Our Digital Age

Dispatch #030, 4th April 2021

TLDR Culture and Learning to Learn in a Digital Age

Dispatch #029, 28th March 2021

The Human Dimension of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #028, 21st March 2021

Spring Forward: Why Now is the Time to Reassess Your Digital Values

Dispatch #027, 14th March 2021

Why the Power of Digital Transformation Comes with Huge Responsibilities

Dispatch #026, 7th March 2021

The problem with putting your trust in data

Dispatch #025, 28th February 2021

The DIGIT Lab — Delivering Digital Innovation for Growth, Impact and Transformation

Dispatch #024, 21st February 2021

Digital Identity and the Power of Me

Dispatch #023, 14th February 2021

Lessons in Digital Pride and Prejudice

Dispatch #022, 7th February 2021

Three Digital Dilemmas Facing Leaders in Large Established Organizations

Dispatch #021, 31st January 2021

Understanding the State of Agile

Dispatch #020, 24th January 2021

There is no Internet

Dispatch #019, 17th January 2021

The Promise of a Golden Age for Digital Innovation

Dispatch #018, 10th January 2021

The Joy of Seeing Double with Digital Twins

Dispatch #017, 3rd January 2021

In 2021, What Will You Value?

Dispatch #016, 27th December 2020

The Digital Economy Year – Six of the Best Books in 2020

Dispatch #015, 20th December 2020

Three Critical Reflections on the Digital Economy in 2020

Dispatch #014, 13th December 2020

What’s the Focus for Productivity in the Digital Era?

Dispatch #013, 6th December 2020

Digital Transformation – Looking backwards, looking forwards

Dispatch #012, 29th November 2020

Three Lessons for the Future of Digital Transformation

Dispatch #011, 22nd November 2020

Digital Platforms – The Power and the Glory

Dispatch #010, 15th November 2020

Innovation is on a Mission

Dispatch #009, 8th November 2020

A Harsh Reminder that Digital Transformation Has Little To Do With Technology

Dispatch #008, 1st November 2020

If Digital Transformation is the Answer…What’s the Question?

Dispatch #007, 25th October 2020

Digital Transformation Lessons from the Trials and Tribulations of the UK Contact-Tracing App.

Dispatch #006, 18th October 2020

Lessons from Cambridge Analytica – Using Digital Data to Drive Decision Making.

Dispatch #005, 14th October 2020

Why HR is Critical to Your Digital Transformation.

Dispatch #004, 10th October 2020

What is the Digital Economy? Not such a straightforward question. Here we explore why.

Dispatch #003, 4th October 2020

Digital disruption in Higher Education is upon us. What can we learn about the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation?

Dispatch #002, 27th September 2020

In the Surveillance Economy Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

Dispatch #001, 20th September 2020

Data is not the new oil…and AI is definitely not the new software engineering.