Forbes AI50: 50 AI companies to watch

Really fascinating to take a quick look through the Forbes AI50 list to see what young, energetic companies are working on. The application if AI is broad and making inroads in so many different domains.

Among trends this year are what Sequoia Capital’s Konstantine Buhler calls AI workbench companies—building of platforms tailored to different enterprises, including Dataiku, DataRobot Domino Data and Databricks. Healthcare and biotech research, as conducted by Komodo Health, Genesis Therapeutics and Verge Genomics, remains a key area for advanced AI, as is computer vision, with companies such as and AMP Robotics using the technology to improve health care and waste recycling. Companies reliant on natural language processing, such as Duolingo, Lilt and Whisper, which developed an AI-enabled hearing aid, are yet another core category. Autonomous vehicles are again represented on the list, this year by Gatik, which sees “middle mile” driverless deliveries as a lucrative, early market to target.