How Joe Biden’s Digital Team Tamed the MAGA Internet

Under the hood of the Biden digital strategy. How did they fight the might and machinery of the Trump “death star”?

The analysis believes that several key decisions were critical:

  1. Lean On Influencers and Validators
    Don’t try to start from scratch when you’re behind….leverage those with reach and influence.
  2. Tune Out Twitter, and Focus on ‘Facebook Moms’
    Know your audience and appeal to them in a positive way.
  3. Build a Facebook Brains Trust
    Create a “rebel alliance” to bring forces together.
  4. Promote ‘Small-Batch Creators,’ Not Just Slick Commercials
    Aim for real, authentic messages rather than over-produced materials.
  5. Fight Misinformation, but pick your battles
    Be careful not to be spread too thinly across too many fronts.

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