Microsoft 2022 Annual Work Trend Index Report

Here is the latest workplace trends survey and analysis from Microsoft. Makes very important reading for anyone interested in the future of the workplace.

One thing is clear: We’re not the same people that went home to work in early 2020. The collective experience of the past two years has left a lasting imprint, fundamentally changing how we define the role of work in our lives. The data shows the Great Reshuffle is far from over. Employees everywhere are rethinking their “worth it” equation and are voting with their feet. And as more people experience the upsides of flexible work, the more heavily it factors into the equation. For Gen Z and Millennials, there’s no going back. And with other generations not far behind, companies must meet employees where they are.

Key Findings

Five urgent trends business leaders need to know in 2022:

  1. Employees have a new “worth it” equation.
  2. Managers feel wedged between leadership and employee expectations.
  3. Leaders need to make the office worth the commute.
  4. Flexible work doesn’t have to mean “always on.”
  5. Rebuilding social capital looks different in a hybrid world.