MPs unconvinced NHS has learned lessons from failed IT programmes

The latest review of digital transformation progress in the NHS presents rather a dismal picture. Sounds pretty damning….but somehow I can’t imagine many people will be too surprised at their conclusions:

None of the components needed to deliver NHS digital ambitions are in place, says Public Accounts Committee, as MPs call for the Department of Health and Social care to set ‘realistic targets’.

Despite the focus and investment over the past few years:

The NHS missed its main target for a ‘paperless’ NHS by 2018, and this has now been watered down into a new target to reach a ’core level’ of digitisation by 2024,” it said.

“Despite being recognised as essential to managing patient care, there has also been a lack of progress on interoperability (seamless sharing of data),” the report added.

“Only three out of the 10 standards for interoperability so far identified by NHS Digital were ready by May 2020, and the national bodies are unable to tell us how many are now ready.”

Full details are available at:

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