Ops 4.0—The Human Factor: A class size of 1

I thought that this article was very useful as a discussion of how companies are looking to drive up their capabilities through a balance of common core skills and personalized learning. Also, as you may know I am a big fan of thinking about skills development as T-shaped learning, and this article has a really good description and use of that model.


While recognizing the need for upskilling is one thing, designing and delivering an effective program is another. Not only must companies deliver training at an unprecedented scale, they must also ensure that each individual in the organization gains the right combination of skills. With dozens of roles and thousands of candidates, each with different needs, aptitudes, interests, and learning styles, Ops 4.0 capability building is a formidable task.

Successful companies are meeting this challenge by taking a “customer-back” perspective. Based on a clear understanding of the skills, behaviors, and mindsets the organization requires, these companies identify capability gaps and improvement opportunities across their workforce. Then, instead of offering “one size fits all” training, they design their capability programs based on detailed analysis of the needs of individual learners—while instilling a culture that fosters learning throughout the organization. That involves the application of a few powerful principles.