The Great Resignation

I know from personal experience that many people have taken the last few months as time to reflect on their lives, jobs, and what they want to do with their time. And as a result, I know several people who have quit their jobs, moved on to other roles, or simply walked away. Until now, I had not realized how big a phenomena this was!

In what’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation,” 4 million people, or 2.7% of US workers, quit their jobs in April. That’s a record going back to 2000. In all, 41% of workers globally are considering leaving their current employer this year, according to a survey from Microsoft.

What’s behind this move? Lots of theories have been put forward:

Experts have floated several explanations to interpret all the quitting:

· Workers who didn’t like their jobs but stuck with it during the pandemic are…not sticking with it anymore.

· Many are retiring early after cashing in on a booming stock market and rising home values.

· People have reevaluated their career paths after an "unprecedented" year which allowed for more reflection.

· In that same vein, people might be looking for a job that allows for better work-life balance.