These Parents Built a School App. Then the City Called the Cops.

Open platforms and solutions are powerful approaches for communities and governments to create services that inspire innovation and drive engagement to produce solutions that matter to the people using them. This is an excellent story of why this matters, and why those in control often fight against the transparency and shifting of power that it creates.

I love this conclusion to the article:

Ultimately, Landgren hopes the Öppna Skolplattformen saga will teach politicians and city officials that the technology they provide for citizens shouldn’t be procured as huge IT projects—and that the people who will end up using it should be involved in the planning and development. Landgren argues that cities should learn to run their IT projects with small updates, rather than monstrous procurements that can easily go wrong. Most of all, Landgren argues that officials should make their APIs open so citizens can build technology that works for them. “If you build the API,” he says, “the app will come.”