Transforming Beyond the Crisis: What organizations need to do now to seize tomorrow

An interesting set of materials on the impact of the covid crisis on business. A free ebook from the folks at the Brightline Initiative….

Today, the question is what do you need to do now to seize tomorrow? Transforming Beyond the Crisis is a new book by Brightline Initiative and Thinkers50 and brings a unique compilation of the best thinking from the world’s leading business thinkers and practitioners. They share their groundbreaking ideas, global experience and valuable insights. It provides lessons learned, practical tools, and inspiration to guide leaders through the current crisis and carry forward their transformation agenda.

Contributors include Scott Anthony of Innosight, Whitney Johnson, Martin Reeves and other thought leaders from Boston Consulting Group, Behnam Tabrizi of Stanford and Vijay Govindarajan of Tuck Business School.

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