Why Every Executive Should Be Focusing on Culture Change Now

Here is a useful Sloan Management article with a summary of what many people now see as the key elements for any organization seeking to be more adaptable and flexible for the post pandemic digital world. See how you rank your organization in these 7 areas.


The Seven Elements of Adaptive Culture

  1. Customer centricity: Understanding and prioritizing the needs of customers rather than focusing on products or profit.
  2. Ecosystem focus: Prioritizing the well-being of the entire multiorganizational system and not just the company.
  3. Analytical orientation: Fully embracing the power of data and analytics in decision-making rather than relying only on experience or judgment.
  4. Collaborative reflex: Proactively engaging in cross-organizational collaboration and teamwork rather than working in silos.
  5. Bias to action: Valuing speed, not risk minimization, over perfection.
  6. Learning mindset: Engaging in experimentation and rapid learning.
  7. Leader as enabler: Empowering and energizing people while holding them accountable.