You’re going back to the office. Your boss isn’t.

The past 2 years has been tough for everyone. But for some more than others. As we see efforts to move people back to the office, the cracks are beginning to show. A big part of the tension in the workplace comes from the disparity that is being felt by different kinds of workers in different circumstances. One of the key distinctions is highlighted here: Bosses and their workers. Do what I say, don’t do what I do.

The relationship between rank-and-file office workers and their bosses has never been equal. But remote work is creating a new kind of imbalance between certain people in leadership and their employees, and it’s stirring up resentment at work. Many managers — from middle management to the C-suite, depending on the workplace — are continuing to work remotely, but at the same time are calling their employees back to the office. Employees are getting angry and fighting back in the few ways they can: not showing up to the office or looking for work someplace else.